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Transform the way your lines of business work together, improving both your employee and customer experiences and empowering self-service.
In the same way your customers need faster, simpler ways to get what they want, enterprises need better ways for lines of business to deliver services to each other.

  • Line of business leaders need to automate as many processes as they can, so people only focus on the things they really need to.
  • Process owners need to be able to continuously iterate and develop processes without waiting on IT for months on end.
  • And the whole enterprise needs a common approach to service delivery that everyone can understand and work with.
We help enterprises plan, design, and implement Enterprise Service Management (using tools such as ServiceNow) so their lines of business can work better together.

Give your process owners more control

Using ENTERPRISE SERVICE MANAGEMENT, process owners can build apps that convert their work processes into digital workflows.

No prior development experience is required: workflow apps are built in intuitive low/no code environments with drag-and-drop interfaces, templates, and automated testing.

Automate more workflows

Once converted into digital workflow form, processes can be easily automated. They also become easier to organize, prioritize, schedule, track and optimize.
This makes for better, more intuitive service delivery, gives people a clearer sense of how to work and frees them to work on the exceptions that warrant their attention.

Standardize your best practices

Instead of everyone working in their own ways, ENTERPRISE SERVICE MANAGEMENT makes it easier to codify the best ways of working so that everyone operates the way your best people do.
Crucially, ENTERPRISE SERVICE MANAGEMENT ensures that no matter which line of business someone works in, it’s simple to request services of other lines of business.

Why work with Column Software Solutions?

  • We have worked with hundreds of enterprises to plan, design and deploy new ways of working that align the goals of every line of business.
  • In our experience, ENTERPRISE SERVICE MANAGEMENT is a central piece of the operating system modern enterprises need to start working together as one agile unit.

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