Automation, Conversational AI, and Employee Satisfaction: 3 major challenges for CIOs in 2021!


The pandemic has changed forever the way employees work. Enterprises have to adjust to the new normal. They need to rethink how to best support employees for IT, HR and other corporate functions with AI and automation. It is an opportunity for Enterprise to have an automation first strategy and to introduce conversational AI to boost employees' productivity.

In one hour, this webinar will give you the keys to:

In the program:

Context and challenges:
Praveen Saraswat, Practice Head of Column IT will shed light on the interest for a company to set up conversational AI to automate support functions.

Presentation of the Konverso solution:
Bertrand Lafforgue, co-founder of Konverso, will present top use cases deployed by customers, ROI measured by customers as well methodology to deploy conversational AI with success.